Lohia Brass Pvt. Ltd.

Lohia Brass, incorporated in the year 1988, is recognized worldwide as a specialist premium rolling mill for flat-rolled brass products. We use our own state-of-the-art processes to manufacture all the products with a key importance to rolling precision and speed for producing top quality strips even at maximum rolling speeds, strip widths and coil weights. The best rolling results are achieved through Lohia Brass’s automation system and process engineering systems designed for economically and environmentally efficient rolling management during the rolling process.

Harnessing the glory of Brass

The company treats brass through its typical process in order to create quality raw materials that suit different industries. Typical processes include Casting, Extrusion, Performing and Scrap Recycling.

Our clients worldwide

Today, the company serves its various customers in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Canada, Japan, Southeast Asia and South America.

Typical Performances

Supporting sustainable development

We support sustainable development through a business philosophy rooted in our belief in the importance of not only meeting the needs and expectations of present generations with our current products but also ensuring the future of generations to come through continuous innovation.