Decorating homes worldwide

Designco is India’s one of the fastest growing handicrafts export company, offering customers every choice in terms of materials like; wood, glass, metal and stone with multiple finishes. Established in 1979, Designco, is one of the highest Export awards winning Company in Metal Decorative trade in India.

Super markets to Exclusive Designer Outlets

Boundaries between exclusiveness and scales are fading-away. Customers have the power to decide what to buy, where and when they want to. Designco understands this and helps to create a platter of offerings where they have more choices, more contents to choose from. Today we have evolved to a point, where-in we are catering from exclusive designers to mass retailers, equally effectively.

Our clients worldwide

The volume retailers include world’s top retailers like; Walmart, Target, Costco, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Pottery Barn, Lowe’s, Cost Plus, Menards, etc. The exclusive designers include Debenhams, Jhon Lewis, Michael Aram, Julia Knight, Martha Stewart, to name a few.

At Designco, we are evolving everyday

Our global team of designers and trend-experts work daily to ensure that our products shall be tuned to the latest trends, with reliable global compliance. We are one of the most important innovators in the market, and the main challenger in the handicrafts export market. We are playing globally, with key focus on USA and Europe. At Designco, we are creating the foundations of a new tomorrow, ensuring a sustainable way of growing our business and increasing our economic value, developing next generation products with world class standards, innovating in materials, finishes and processes.

Awards and accolades

Designco has been awarded through prestigious awards in a number of categories, such as; Excellent Export Award, F.I.E.O., Niryat Shree Award, Top Export Award (Art Metal), Top Export Award (Handicrafts), Excellent Export Growth Award (Iron), Outstanding National Export Performance (Art Metal Ware) & Outstanding National Export Performance (Aluminium Art Ware).


Not only do we take care of our customers, we take care of responsibilities as a global company by paying attention to how we conduct our business, with our corporate responsibility focusing on promoting sustainability and skill development, making sure we waste least and improve most.