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An unfailing flair for research and experimentation, the ability to predict and respond to changes and developments in lifestyles, architecture, and design, and the prioritization of the environment and sustainability have enabled Maple Ceramica to achieve product and production excellence over the years. We intend to exceed customer expectations by employing cutting-edge technologies and continue the rich heritage of Lohia Global.
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The product origin becomes an ethic code,
Above all it's made in India

For decades now, Maple Ceramica has been developing and offering new areas of application for ceramics, providing architects with products that deliver outstanding technical characteristics, through the Maple Ceramica brand, as well as an ever growing array of solutions for architecture through the Maple Engineering Division. Maple Ceramica entered the business of manufacturing tiles with a state of the art plant near Nagasamudra Industrial Area, in Gadag district of Karnataka. The plant is spread over 11 acres land located in Industrial Belt with 1,50,000 Sq. ft of Industrial Shed area equipped with Italian mechinery with an installed capacity of 66,000 MT per annum which translates into 10,000 boxes per day. Beyond the numbers, Maple Ceramica has its beliefs firmly rooted in the values of innovation, trust, and a customer centric approach.
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100+ Dealers

In 40+ cities

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State of the Art Plant

Best Italian machinery installed for floor & Wall tiles

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8500 Square Meters

Manufacturing capacity per day (Depending upon the size of the tile)