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We aim to apply entrepreneurial thinking to catalyze new ways to deliver lasting benefits and to spur inclusive economic growth in our farmer communities. Following our vision of Farm-Tech prosperity, we are expanding into the farm-support vertical through several initiatives such as agri-mechanization solutions. Our continuous dedication in putting the farmer at the center of our research and development process has led us to develop a close relationship with Indian agricultural development.
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Deep rooted belief of sustainability in our
business philosophy

We support sustainable development through a business philosophy rooted in our beliefs. Not only meeting the needs and expectations of present generations with our current products but also ensuring the future of generations to come through continuous innovations. We use our resources wisely and efficiently and are committed to reducing our environmental footprint as well as monitoring and reporting our achievements. We support our people to champion change and adopt sustainable practices in our workplaces.
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Access to energy

Improving access to affordable & reliable energy solution

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Sustainable job creation

Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises to drive economic growth and job creation

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Reducing Environmental Burden

Adopting Renewable Energy